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Few regions in the world can match Patagonia's character... Antarctica, forgotten corners of Himalayas, some places in Alaska,... Africa retains some of its mystical aura... but Patagonia remains in a class of its own..

This magical land offers travelers a chance to see the world as it was thousands of years ago.

From the Andes on the west, across the dessert-like central steppe to the explosive encounter with the South Atlantic, Patagonia inhabit land is as big as many countries in Europe. Magnificent glaciers, ancient forests, a rich and unspoiled wildlife, uncontaminated blue lakes and rivers, full of wild trout, and breathtaking scenery. All these without the invading of mass tourism.

The Nahuel Huapi lake

In the north west area of the Patagonia, the Nahuel Huapi National Park is the land of beautiful lakes, mountains and woods.
This region hosted the 1999 EcoChallenge - DiscoveryChannel competition.
In this spectacular national park you will find it most famous and it biggest lake, THE NAHUEL HUAPI.

The lake constitutes the heart of the National Park and has for a long time been well-know for the beauty of it untouched mountain environment, plenty harbors, islands and beaches, most of them only accessible by boat. Sport enthusiasts and sailing adventure lovers, will find here a perfect setting for a unique experience.

The lake perimeter has 357 km, it Surface 500 km2 and it Max Deep 464 meters.

From December till April we will depart from Villa La Angostura city, Patagonia Argentina, to enjoy sailing and discovering some of the lake secrets.

TECHNICAL INFORMATION for sailing the Nahuel Huapi lake:

The NW. changing winds are usually very strong and each mountain also effects on it local direction. The waves are short but could be very high (2-3 meters).

Lake has a glacier origin so usually is very Deep and has good bays for anchoring.

The pristine waters allow people to see up to 10 meters deep. However, it is not so easy to predict: the deep of the lake, that it can quickly change from 10 m. to 0,5 m. (sonar dosent help you much). There are only few beacomes in the lake, and the nautical maps dosent have enough details to help sport sailing. 

From the beginning to the end of summer the lake deep will change 2,5 m.

Therefore, it is a must to have a local Guide over the sailboat.  

La Angostura town

Villa La Angostura is a Mountain Village foundated in 1932. It is locate at the NW of the Patagonia Argentina.
It is well-know for it hospitality, gourmet restaurants, boutique hotels (with spectacular views to mountains and lakes) and outdoor sport activities.

The weather

We thereby recommend you to click the following link to read a good weather report prediction of the area.

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