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For most of us, a 21' ft. sailing boat represents the real essence of sailing.

It's how we learned the basics and how we sharpen our skills. And its still the most responsive, and (in many ways) funny kind of sailing

"Because the Patagonian strong winds change their direction very often, we need to make fast and easy movement. Therefore, we prefer middle sizes sailboats, ideal to enjoy fast sailing trips with both, experienced and no experienced crew".

Our sailboat GARUFA it's a "Limbo21", a famous Andrew Stewart 21ft. design.

Its fast, stable and safe, designed for competition. It delivers exhilarating performance, and will comfortably accommodate up to eight people.

Trimming it different sails and change it height distribution help us to sail with almost any winds and waves conditions. This allow us to sail using only the SAILS most of the time (and avoid using the outboard).

It electronic equipment include: a 8 people liferaft, vhf, gps, sonar, music player, four stroke engine (6hp) and many sails: one genoa1 (mylar), one main sail (kevlar full batten), three genoa1 (dacron), two main sail (dacron), one jib (dacron), two spinakers.

Sailing fast with the sailboat: from inside and from the coastesde 
(We can also make a relaxing sail)  



PATAGONIA SAILING was born in 2002. We have been the first LEGAL sailboat charter Firm in Argentina.

His founder Ernesto, has a degree as Naval Architecture (

He share his professional activity within his two passion: sailing and designing boats !. 

PATAGONIA SAILING is 100% dedicated to make sailing charter trips.

And because we are a small firm, we depend on mouth to mouth referral, so there is no place for improvisation or less than an ideal service!


- STW95 approved (Certificate under the provisions of the international convention on standards of training certification and watch keeping for seafarers, 1978, as amended in 1995 / OMI. Includes: “Elementary First Aid”. “Personal Survival Techniques”. “Crow management, Passenger Safety”. “Personal Safety and Social Responsibilities”. “Personnel Training in Fire Prevention and Fighting”).

- Professional merchant patron boats

- Patron for sport sailing/motor boats



- Nahuel Huapi National Park (APN): Exp.870/2002 - Res.68/2002 - Res.473/2005 -Res.0934/21Dic.2006

- Argentinean Coast Guard (PNA):     Exp. H.21021/CB/2002 

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